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What exactly is a mechanical razor blade?

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  Many white people who have just entered the blade industry may ask what mechanical blades are What is the exact definition of the mechanical blade? Give you a detailed explanation of what a mechanical blade is:
  1, in the mechanical processing of cutting iron and steel materials, often use more hard than steel material: hard alloy. If the whole tool is made of hard alloy, the cost is too high, so it is made into a small blade (commonly known as a knife head), and the tool head is connected with the cutter body by means of mechanical connection (screw). The cutter head is also called "mechanical blade"".

  2 species, including many machinery blade bending machine dies, cutting machine blade, carton machinery blade, cutting machine blade, circular blade, plastic grinder blade, rubber machinery, textile machinery, leather blade blade mechanical blade, blade, metallurgical machinery, food machinery, metal blade mechanical blade, slitting machine the trimming blade, circular knife, etc. various kinds of standard mechanical blade.
  3, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, mechanical and electrical, metal steel, automotive, aerospace, anti-theft door, car door, paper industry, textile, metal film, tobacco, packaging materials, B0PP film, plastic crushing, edge sealing, seal, bottom sealing machine, food machinery, medicine, printing, and wire paper, aluminum foil, metal film, tobacco, electronics, light industry, food, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, stationery, plastic, feed, paper tubes, cardboard, wood, forestry and other industries.
  China's mechanical blade industry has great prospects for development, and mechanical blades are widely used in all walks of life.
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