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What are the features of a double axle shredder blade?

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  Environmental protection has a bright future, and waste recycling is an important branch of environmental protection, which will be used by mechanical comminution. The double shaft shredding machine blade can produce large pieces of scrap which are difficult to be broken before, and then continue to make use of other products. Two axis shredder is mainly used to tear larger caliber plastic pipes, bundles of packaged waste and bulky waste products, and compared with the traditional crusher machine, with greater power and processing capacity of large pieces.

  Two axis shredding machine blade features: 1., the production line will be some out of the product shredding machine into small pieces, so as to continue processing. 2., reduce the volume of large waste, tear large waste into small waste or scrap, continue to smash processing. 3., trees, waste sofas and other directly into the shredding machine, out of the fuel can be used directly to burn the coal stove. The biaxial shredder blade features far more than these, as long as the material selection and blade design is reasonable, it can be of metal, life and industrial waste, etc. almost all waste garbage can cut apart.
  The shredder species is divided into multi axis and single axis roll cut shredder two, shredder blade machining principle of biaxial is between two groups of disc blade tear, cut and cut three together in the waste, has reached the destructive effect to the strength of the waste. The cutter of the single shaft shredder is mainly installed in the concave hole of the shaft, and the cutting effect of the shredding machine blade has been achieved by the relative shearing of the single shaft cutter and the "W" shaped cutter formed on the rotary cutter shaft.

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