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The development prospect of effective cutting tools in our country is broad

  The present situation of China's eastern and western industries can be regarded as a microcosm of the macroeconomy. On the one hand, great achievements have been made in the past 30 years since the reform and opening up. Especially in the new century, this development is accompanied by qualitative progress, momentum is very swift and violent.
  But we should see that things in the occupation leading position, is still a type of resource consumption type development; in 2007, China's steel consumption of 80 thousand tons, consumption of 16 thousand and 500 tons of hard alloy, these two kinds of things, accounted for 40% of the total consumption of international. However, the sale of cutting tools in our country only accounts for l5% of the total amount of the world. This contrast, serious waste and fully reflect the development degree and occupation cuhao resources.

  For example: high speed steel cutting tool, in 2007 China produced 4 billion pieces, this is an astronomical figure in the world of things industry, is 50 times the value of the Japanese industrial countries (2007 Japan's production of high-speed steel cutting tool 87 million), produced so many things to do what? In the meantime, the vast majority (accounting for 80% of total) as a household set of things exports. The consumption of high speed steel 65 thousand tons (estimated during 20 thousand -3 million tons of low alloy and high speed steel) swap $800 million sale price also than international market data, national tax subsidies to live completely lai.
  Cemented carbide cutting tools, for example, are the main force of modern cutting tools in our country, which have increased by more than 30% annually. Some products are satisfied with the needs of the modern manufacturing industry, and it is good to develop momentum. But the overall level is still not high. In the 16 thousand and 500 tons of cemented carbide produced in China in 2007, 4500 tons are used for cutting tools, in quantity and in japan. But the value of the tool, Japan reached $2 billion 500 million, China's only 800 million U. s.dollars, less than Japan's 1/3. This clarifies the whole level of cemented carbide cutting tools in our country and still has a proper distance from abroad. Therefore, the production needs have to rely on a lot of imports to deal with, in 2007 imports amounted to 7.5F billion U. s.dollars. The sale of primary foreign merchants in China has reached an annual increase of 30%, surpassing the average annual increase of domestic cutting tools.
  The above situation that in China what occupation, waste of resources, low level of expansion, a type of operation situation is still very serious. The adjustment of industrial structure is imminent.
  China tool mall this "low-end melee, high-end fall" irrational format, can be made in 2007 from the sale of domestic knives clearly visible. In 2007, the sales income of domestic cutting tools was about RMB 21 billion yuan. In the meantime, exports were $850 million. At the current average rate of exchange, about 6 billion 500 million yuan. As a result, in 2007 domestic knives sold at the domestic shopping malls about 14 billion 500 million yuan, during which carbide cutting tools about 5 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for about 40%. In the same year, imports of cutting tools, 750 million U. S. dollars, about 5 billion 800 million yuan, mainly carbide cutting tools. As a result, the consumption of cutting things in 2007 was about 20 billion yuan, during which the carbide tool consumption was about 54%. As can be seen from the above data, the domestic knives in the domestic market share of over 70%. The proportion is not low. But at that time, the prominent opposition was in the category of modern knives and shopping malls, and transnational corporations still took control. At present, cemented carbide cutting tools in developed countries account for more than 70% of all cutting tools. The proportion of cemented carbide cutting tools in China's domestic products only accounts for 40% of the domestic market. If the internal and external calculation is lower, only 28%. The structure of tool products in our country is serious and unreasonable.

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