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The rapid development of die processing automation technology

  Advanced processing technology and equipment are the important basis for improving productivity and ensuring product quality. In the advanced automobile mould enterprise, it is not uncommon to have two stage NC machine tools, automatic tool changer (ATC), automatic processing photoelectric control system, workpiece on-line measuring system and so on. NC machining has been developed from simple surface processing to many aspects of the surface and the structural surface. It has been developed from medium and low speed to high speed machining, and the development of machining automation technology is very rapid.

  In the world's larger auto mold manufacturer COMAU's panel mold workshop, there is a production line consisting of 6 CNC machine tools. The rough, semi rough and finish machining of the die is completed on different machine tools. The workpiece transfer and delivery system between the machine tools transfers the workpiece to the next machine tool and positions it after the completion of the previous process. Similar automated mold production line in Japan, Toyota Corporation, Germany Volkswagen and Audi's mold processing workshop can be seen.
  At present, processing automation has already applied in the mold production can be divided into three kinds, namely a plurality of interchangeable workbench CNC machine components production line, production line and integrated machining center. A number of interchangeable worktable, CNC machine tool production line, including the bottom processing, rough milling, fine milling and other machine tools, the workpiece machine tool, you do not have to re install the card to find the right. As the machine tool for more work desktop, the workpiece does not need to re install the card, so the processing efficiency is very high. The flexible processing line with stereoscopic warehouse has advanced control method and wide range of application, and the deficiency is that the process of control programming and preparation is time-consuming. The machining center is a kind of integrated machining of five face machining center, its advantage is in addition to the bottom surface processing, a charge card can be realized all the processing of high speed and high precision machining, production efficiency is very high, the processing technology of mould automation is an important development direction.

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