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Function principle and application characteristics of slitting knife

  The cutting knife is very precise, the cut material, overdrive and blade shape, sharpness and set parameters in the points have important significance, cutting knife at any time can reduce the operation and high performance work downtime in shear.

  Cutting knife into the knife and the lower knife, knife shaft installed in the cutting machine, using the principle of rolling shear to slice thickness of 0.01~0.1mm into a variety of capacitor paper roll, aluminum foil, metal film, film, computer and tape etc.. The newly developed electronic slitting cutters can provide you with high quality slitting and slitting products. Through the use of advanced "smart" function, you only need to put a few operators can obtain continuous and stable product, but also often difficult to set pre stack knife and the lateral force of the occasion to provide automatic calibration function.
  Application characteristics of slitting knife:
  1: high accuracy and stability:
  2: full electronic stacking and side force control
  3: the appropriate settings can reduce blade wear
  4: reduce operating costs and reduce downtime
  5: simple and intuitive graphical user

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